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E.O.L. [emotion of loss] is an experimental project since 2007. mainly slow shit but sometimes fast scum also. looking for crazy guitar player now. to contact write to quagmirefilth[@]hotmail[.]com

check out E.O.L.’s track from popeye tribute on podcast “Кассетная Культура, выпуск №7”: http://cassetteculture.rpod.ru/260984.html

out soon (~august 2013): MANTRAKARA//EMOTION OF LOSS split [virtual 7″]

OUT NOW!! “a tribute to seaman popeye!” cassette comp! E.O.L. has two new tracks there: ‘deduction method’ (side A) and ‘sherlock & watson against porno’ (side B). edition of 75 copies total. feel free to contact me to get a copy (only a couple copies left!)

OUT NOW!! E.O.L. “i miss virgin world” EP! 14 copies total, 3 tracks and >22 minutes of playing time. good shit. dvd box, CD-R 5″, insert.

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OUT NOW!! E.O.L. “from past” EP! 7 copies total, 2 tracks and about 10 minutes of playing time. pure experiments with melodia. yellow dvd box, b/w cover.